9 Places You Should Be Applying SPF but Aren't

You could say we're sun worshipers. Our moods ebb and flow with the changing weather, and as far as we're concerned, a dose of sunshine is as good as a cup of coffee. But as uplifting as a sunbath is, the damage we're doing is ultimately irreversible. This is something we're sure you're aware of, but the sad truth is that when you dive deep into sun protection, the facts aren't always well-known.

Take, for example, sunscreen. We all know to apply (and re-apply) the UVA/UVB shield, but are we applying it correctly? According to top dermatologists: no. Even if you faithfully apply sunscreen every day, chances are you're missing spots on your body that you haven't even given a second thought. It's scary, really, because these often-missed spots become popular areas for skin cancer. Where are these areas, you ask? Keep scrolling to find out.

So how can you become proactive about preventing skin cancer? Getting an annual body scan at the dermatologist is incredibly important so that they can identify problem areas before they become full-fledged skin cancer. According to doctors Rodan and Fields, early signs of skin cancer and things to watch out for include pimples that do not heal, a new growth, something that is bleeding, a mole, or skin that is changing. And of course, slather sunscreen on every day (yes, even when it's cloudy out).

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