The #1 Procedure This Beauty Expert Says No To

We hardly need to introduce Pixiwoo to you but if you're not sure who they are, allow us to give you a refresher. Created by Samantha Chapman, Pixiwoo began producing make-up tutorials on YouTube, and was then joined by her sister Nicola. The channel became wildly popular and they currently have over 2 million subscribers (see, popular). Unsurprisingly, they are now considered two of the biggest influencers when it comes to British beauty, which is why we jumped at the chance to interview one half of the duo Nicola. Keep scrolling to find out what incredible beauty tips we scored from her...

Byrdie UK: If you have five minutes to get ready, what would you use?

Pixiwoo: Moisturiser, tinted foundation and mascara then I'm out the door and ready to face the day.

Byrdie UK: What's the biggest beauty mistake you've ever made?

P: Ha! I’ve had so many but I think one of the main ones was wearing far too much foundation when I was at school which I didn't blend and it was far too dark for me, but we didn't really have make up brushes then and they would have helped with the blending but not the colour.

Byrdie UK: What's the one thing you would never do when it comes to beauty?

P: Fillers. I think there are too many risks involved and I think it looks obvious.

Byrdie UK: What's the one makeup item you'd use for party look?

P: Eyeliner, whether its gel liner to create a fierce cate eye or Kohl blended along the lash line or starkly applied on the waterline. One thing is for sure, Eyeliner really does make a party look.

Byrdie UK: What's the biggest makeup mistake you've ever made?

Plucking my eyebrows into 90s Uber thin arcs inspired by Kate Moss.  

Pixiwoo appeared at Beautycon Festival London, Kensington Olympia. For more information