Pixie Lott on Beauty Blunders, Festival Survival and Her Favourite Buys

It’s not often you interview a celebrity, one who is a household name, and don’t envy the contents of his or her makeup bag. Not because it’s not amazing, but because it’s the same as yours. I caught up with Pixie Lott on the phone yesterday for a beauty chat (the best kind of conversation to have on a rainy Thursday), and as the singer was listing off her favourite buys, I realised she was describing mine, too. She’s incredibly down to earth and happily mixes high street and high end when it comes to her beauty choices. A woman after our own hearts, she is co-founder of Pixie Lott Paint, a line of temporary hair colours stocked in Superdrug, and isn’t afraid to rock a hair accessory. “My beauty look is quite classic and fresh,” Pixie tells Byrdie UK. “But it can be quirky, too! I like to have fun with it.”

Keep scrolling for Lott’s favourite beauty buys, the biggest hair mistake she’s ever made and the five-minute skin-boosting mask she swears by.



Stephane Feugere/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

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