3 Pilates Moves That Will Make You Look Taller and Leaner in Minutes

Modern life is not our posture's friend. Our spines are suffering due to our obsession with technology, be it tech neck from hunching over our smartphones or just the general slouching we do in front of a desktop all day. Unless we all want to resemble the hunchback of Notre Dame in later life, we need to do something—pronto!

We called on Dawne Likhodedova, founder of London's Be Pilates studio, to share with us three quick and easy Pilates moves that will help improve your posture and in turn make you look longer and leaner in no time. Bookend your day by doing these moves before you go to bed and when you get out of bed. If you can do them by your desk without your colleagues ripping it out of you, then do them mid-afternoon too. Your back will thank you for it. Keep scrolling for the three posture-saving moves to do on the daily.

Have you tried Pilates before? Let us know whether it helped your posture in the comment box below.