The Take-Anywhere Toned Leg Workout

Pilates. If you immediately picture middle-aged women in bright spandex suits dancing around in a room, it’s time for a wake up call. First of all, this isn’t Prancercise. Second of all, Pilates is centered around the most important part of the body—your core—which makes it ideal for, well, anyone.

“I try to switch things up,” Eden Sassoon, founder of her Pilates Plus studio in Beverly Hills. “I love my SoulCycle and yoga and think of myself as a very fit person. But I took a Pilates class today for the first time in a couple of weeks and it was crazy—I almost threw up!” According to her, nothing quite beats a “Pilates body.” We got Lexi Pacella, Pilates instructor at Sassoon’s Pilates Plus studio, to share five moves for sexy, toned legs that you can do anywhere, all under 10 minutes. In other words, it’s time to kick your “I have no time to go to the gym!” excuse to the curb.

Keep reading for four take-anywhere moves for sexy legs!