Reformer, Mat, Tower: How to Find Your Perfect Pilates Class

When it comes to models getting toned and lithe, a lot of them turn to Pilates. Karlie Kloss and Miranda Kerr are both fans. But what if you have never set foot in a Pilates studio let alone know your Tower from your Wunda? Here we have called on London-based bePilates's founder Dawne Likhodedova to give us a handy Pilates for Beginners guide. This is the perfect tool to help you know what's involved, what type of class to book and where to start. Keep scrolling for Dawne Likhodedova's model-approved advice and expertise.


Joseph Pilates created many pieces of equipment to be used with his method of body conditioning. The most common pieces of apparatus in studios around the world include the reformer, the trapeze table, specialised chairs and a mat. Usually, when we get asked to compare different types of Pilates, what is often considered different types of Pilates is really a comparison of the different types of Pilates equipment. So to get us started, here is a brief introduction of the most common types of equipment that makes the Pilates system so unique.