I Was Unphotogenic… Until I Learned This

Most days, I feel completely confident. I’m happy with my wild curls, pale skin and big eyebrows. (Funnily enough, the attributes I used to think were flaws have become my best assets.) But every once in a while, I get caught in a spiral of I’m not good enough–type feelings. There have been several think pieces about the damage social media has done to our psyche and how it breeds jealousy and negative thoughts. I don’t really feel that way. I love Instagram, I love sharing parts of my life with those who care to look (and, hopefully, to like). But there’s one thing I realised through all of it: I’m unphotogenic.

When I posted a picture, it was after several (that’s being generous) failed attempts. I thought I was smizing when I was scowling and standing up straight when I was slumped over. I just didn’t know how to hold myself for photos. So in order to keep my passion for a pretty feed and lots o’ likes going strong, I came up with a few rules to live by each time the camera clicks. Previously, we talked a lot about finding your light. But these have less to do with outside circumstances and more to do with you. To say they’re easy to follow is an understatement—I’m not a model after all. Keep scrolling to get schooled on how to be more photogenic, the easy way.

This post was originally published on September 22, 2016, and has since been updated.