How to Copy Peyton List’s No-Iron-Required Waves

Breaking news: The wave of the future is here, and it’s showing up on all of the best beauty girls. It’s the wave that makes people wonder, “Does her hair just do that naturally?” Essentially, it’s the exact opposite of trying too hard, and actress Peyton List has got it down. List started the New York Fashion Week circuit sporting effortlessly undone waves and her hairstylist, Lizzie Arneson, gave us the scoop on how to get the look (no curling irons or flat irons necessary).

Start with wet hair, and apply Uberliss’s RituOil ($20) all over for shine. Let your hair air-dry or rough-dry it with a blow-dryer until it’s about 80 per cent dry. Then apply a texturizing product, like John Masters Organics’ Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray ($17), from the roots until about two inches from your ends. Next, create a center part and separate your hair into two equal sections. Twist each section up towards your center part, bringing the twist as close to your hairline as possible. Wrap it into a bun and pin it in place with a large hairpin. Placing the bun at your hairline will give you the most body and wave around your face. Let it set for about 30 minutes, then release your locks. Pull out the pins, flip your head over, shake it out, whip it back, and you’re ready to go.

Will you be copying List’s heat-free waves? Tell us what you think of the look in the comments!