Turbocharge Your Workout With These PT-Approved Tips

Sometimes you can be putting 100 percent into a workout, mentally and physically, yet you don’t get maximum results, which quite frankly is more than a little frustrating. But there are things you can do outside the gym that will help you get maximum gains inside it, plus strategic ways of working out that we can all benefit from.

For instance, I like to train after I've fasted so my body uses excess fat rather than the food I’ve just consumed for fuel. I have a caffeine-rich pre-workout drink laced with a serving of the amino acid leucine; this gives me the energy to exercise and helps protect my muscles, ensuring my body burns stubborn fat instead. With this trick in mind, I called on seven personal trainers to find out how to hack your own workout to ensure you’re getting the results all that hard work (and sweat) deserves. Keep scrolling to find out how to turbocharge your workout results.

How do you turbocharge your workout? Share your hacks in the comment box below.