Believe It or Not, Perms Are Back in Fashion


Jacques Malignon/Getty Images/Contributor

There’s something so alluring about Julia Roberts in 1990. The trouble is that women who tried to replicate her bouncy, carefree curls more often than not left the salon chair looking more like Michael Bolton than the Pretty Woman star. After far too many “bad perms,” we all gave up trying to fake curls and looked to flatirons instead. It seems that it took almost three decades for the perm to shake its bad reputation because only now are women coming back around to the idea.

Thankfully, the process—as well as the outcome—has evolved, and not only is the perm 2.0 kinder to hair, but the effect is far more natural. This next-gen perm lasts three months, so you don’t need to grow it out like the stubborn, merciless curls of yesteryear. We called on Lily Bunting-Branch, the Hershesons technician who designed the modern perm the salon is now offering. Keep scrolling to let us convince you to perm your hair, and we guarantee that you’ll be hooked on the idea by the end.