How Birth Control Ruined My Skin

I had good skin my entire life. Not model-off-duty skin and not I-can-afford-fancy-treatments skin, per se. It didn’t glow like Kerry Washington’s or shine like I was perpetually post-facial – but it was healthy and clear, and it did me well.

I got the occasional whiteheads and had small breakouts around, but the overall picture was one of a calm and happy organ (your skin is an organ, lest you forget).

Then one day it changed completely, never to return to its former self. I developed a condition called perioral dermatitis at the same time I began birth control. Over one year and way-too-many medications later, I still haven’t figured out how to slay the beast that is perioral dermatitis.

What is perioral dermatitis, you ask? If those two words are new to you, or if you suffer from the same condition, read on for my personal experience with PD—what’s worked, what hasn’t, and why it’s the most frustrating problem ever.