Hold Up—Is Your Favourite Perfume Toxic?

We associate the word toxic with a few key things: Britney Spears dressed as a seductive airline stewardess, our wannabe-musician ex-boyfriend, and these beauty ingredients we try to avoid at all costs. Our signature, can’t-live-without, much-loved fragrance does not come to mind—but now, maybe it will. A fellow editor recently clued us in to some pretty disturbing information about perfumes and the ingredients that go in them. Being the intrepid (and slightly paranoid) editors we are, we found ourselves in an Internet black hole, devouring all the recent research that links perfume ingredients with a slew of scary health issues. With the help of Caroline Cox, research director for the nonprofit organisation Center for Environmental Health, we’re pulling back the curtain so you can be more informed before your next fragrance purchase. Read up—and spritz with caution.

Keep scrolling to find out the truth about perfumes and toxicity.