Become Your Own Perfumer With Fred Segal's New Kit

The first time an acquaintance recognises your perfume you might chalk it up to their keen sense of smell. The second, third, and tenth aren’t as exciting. If the Flowerbomb or Chanel Chance wafting off your wrists is getting more shout-outs than compliments, it’s time to switch to a more mysterious scent. I wore the latter for years and know how hard it is commit to a new fragrance, so trust me when I say, a personal fragrance kit is the perfect route to take. Why? For the price of one bottle of perfume, you’ll create a wardrobe of scents to fall in love with.

The Blend by Fred Segal’s Blend Kit No. 01 ($150) comes with 10 single-note perfume oils poured into convenient roller balls—musk, floral, spice, citrus, etc.—that, when applied in certain combinations, create unique scents. You can experiment with your own combinations, or follow one of the tried-and-true recipe cards. For example, to make my own combination, I’ll start with Floral No. 8 (which happens to be divine alone!), then add in another scent or two, depending on my mood: a swirl of Beach is bright and fresh, or add in Epicure to make it sexy. I suggest giving the recipe cards a try, too! My favourites from the cleverly named combinations include English Park (one swirl of floral, two citrus, and three spice for a fresh day perfume) and Tryst (epicure and both types of spice make a sultry mix perfect for night). I’d tell you all my favourite concoctions, but it’ll be way more fun to make your own.