A Professional Matchmaker’s Take on the Perfect First Date Makeup

Dates are nerve-racking. Whether you’re a serial dater or a novice to the game, the concept of presenting yourself to a stranger as a romantic prospect is … kind of scary.

While we firmly believe that any guy worth dating will ultimately appreciate all of the details about you—including your penchant for neon lipstick—we also figure that a few confidence-boosting beauty tips never hurt. To give you a leg up before your next rendezvous, we got the scoop on the makeup men really like from the ultimate insider source: a professional matchmaker.

Meet Nikki Lewis, co-founder of The BEVY, a New York City and Los Angeles-based matchmaking firm. Part of Lewis’ job is setting her clients up on stellar dates—and listening to their feedback about each one—so she knows a thing or two about the beauty looks men really appreciate.

Read on for her surprising tips on guy-approved first date looks.