Watch Pat McGrath Apply the 004 on Taylor Hill

After weeks of waiting and speculating, not to mention teases, we now know what Pat McGrath's 004 launch consists of: an incredible range of sparkly lip kits. While the revolutionary makeup artist revealed the new (and utterly genius) beauty products on her Instagram account a couple of weeks ago, we immediately wondered just how we'll be able to apply the stuff considering that glitter tends to get everywhere

Thankfully, over the weekend, the makeup artist teased a video of how to apply the stuff, by demonstrating it on model Taylor Hill—it's all about the light, gentle touches and building up the product gradually. Keep scrolling to see Pat McGrath's 004 big reveal, as well as how to apply it, plus all the backstage snaps from the Versace show and that red lip in all its glory…

The big reveal:


Just over a week ago, on her Instagram account and website, the makeup artist announced that her new launch will be a series of lip kits called Vermillion Venom, Bloodwine, and Flesh (£46 each), which work as a sort of do-it-yourself craft pack that gives you an incredible glittery pout. Also available will be six individual matte lipsticks (Venom 1, Venom 2, Blood 1, Blood 2, Flesh 1, and Flesh 2) at a price of £19. And finally, she's giving you the chance to buy the full range of products (pictured above) at a price of £114. 

While you only have to wait until 30 August to get your hands on the products (sign up to the newsletter), if you're already raring to try a red glitter lip, check out Beauty Junky Sparkle Lips Red (£8).

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