Olivia Palermo’s Seriously Surprising £3 Skin Secret

Olivia Palermo is a New York socialite with a beauty repertoire and wardrobe to die for—seriously they're #goals.

Recently she revealed to Allure the details of her beauty routine, which is pretty high maintenance. We’re talking a trim every three weeks, a manicure every four days and a dermatologist—Dr. Dennis Goss—who has been on speed dial since she was a mere teen (way before her turn on reality show The City).

She even carries a bottle of red nail polish with her everywhere. "I hate chipped polish. Red is my signature colour, and I always have my fingers match my toes. Even in the winter, when no one sees my toes, I maintain my pedicure—it makes me feel put together," she told the publication. See, it’s safe to say Palermo is pretty diligent with her beauty routine. But when it comes to makeup remover, she’s more low-key than most. It’s seriously surprising…



Nick Harvey/REX/Shutterstock

In the same convo with Allure, she revealed that she uses Vaseline to take her makeup off at night. Say what?!

“There’s no excuse for not taking off your makeup—ever,” she said. “I don’t use a fancy product. I just wipe my face with Vaseline and a cotton pad every night before bed.” 


We would usually be pretty skeptical of such makeup removal antics, but since she sees her derm so regularly and obviously has amazing skin we’re going to be giving this money-saving skincare hack a try.

Would you switch your makeup remover for Vaseline? Sound off in the comment box below…