Exclusive: Olivia Munn Shares Her Anti-Ageing Secret With Us & So Much More

“I read a study that says that every time you sleep with your makeup on, your skin ages an extra day,” Olivia Munn told us. “It’s so true, because your skin gets really dry if you don’t wash your makeup off. And you can’t go back a day once you do it!”

You may know Olivia Munn from HBO’s The Newsroom, where she plays financial genius Sloan Sabbith, or from her role in Magic Mike as Joanna, the grad student two-timing Channing Tatum’s character, but it’s her passion for skincare that’s led to her newest project: she’s the latest face of Proactiv.

“I used Proactiv as a teenage and now I do again,” she says about their Complete Acne Solutions System ($40). To celebrate her new contract, we chatted with the actress about all things beauty, from her go-to mascara, to the face wipes that solve the sleeping-with-makeup-on temptation.

Click through our slideshow for Munn’s favourite makeup, the skincare products she can’t live without, and all her beauty secrets.