My Shower, Hair, and Makeup Routine for a Night Out, by Olivia Culpo

As lovers of all things beauty-related, from hair and makeup to food and fitness, we are thrilled to announce our newest Byrdie contributor, Olivia Culpo. The former Miss USA and Miss Universe (no biggie) is, literally, a beauty queen—and a Byrdie girl through and through. From her genuine adoration for the art of makeup to her quest to find the healthiest alternatives for decadent desserts, Culpo is a wealth of knowledge on all of the topics we love to cover here at Byrdie. A few things to know about the classic beauty: She is passionate about natural skincare, fitness, and diet. She’s a pro in the kitchen and loves creating crazy-good treats you don’t have to feel guilty about (like low-cal brownie popsicles and apple pie oatmeal). Then there are her brows, which pretty much deserve their own celeb column. Thankfully, she’ll be sharing all these secrets and more in her monthly column. First up: her shower, hair, and makeup routine for a night on the town. Keep reading to find out how she gets ready to go out!

Hi, Byrdie beauties! I am over-the-top excited to start sharing my beauty secrets with you here. I love to do my own makeup for a night out it. It’s my favourite thing to do. I always like doing other people’s makeup and hair, too. I’m just such a girl’s girl, and I’m also a travelling beauty store. I have every product. My friends come over and they tell me they think they’re at Sephora.

Today I’m talking about my SHM routine (otherwise known as my shower, hair, and makeup routine) for a night out! Keep scrolling to read all about it.