This Shampoo Totally Saved My Bleached, Damaged Hair

If you've bleached your hair recently, I'm guessing you've heard of Olaplex. In a nutshell, it's an in-salon treatment that's added into your bleach, and it helps rebuild broken bonds caused by lifting the hair colour. It's how Kim Kardashian West, Ariana Grande and loads of other celebrities manage to go platinum blonde without wrecking their hair. Plus there's an at-home treatment (Olaplex No.4) that can be used weekly to keep your hair in good shape after you've dyed it. Until recently, however, Olaplex shampoo and conditioner wasn't a thing that existed in the UK. Being a beauty editor, I already had the hair duo on my radar and would often make my American friends bring bottles of the good stuff overseas when they visited, but now, thanks to Cult Beauty (which is now carrying the brand), there's no need to rope in your U.S. pals in order to get your hands on a bottle.