The Weird-Looking Skincare Device Celebs Used Before The Oscars for Glowing Skin


Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Celebrity skincare expert Jamie Sherrill, or “Nurse Jamie,” is no stranger to celebrity clients. She’s responsible for the glowing skin of countless stars including Jessica Alba and Emily Ratajkowski to name a few, and apparently, she had a bit of sway in the skincare tools they used before the Oscars

Full disclosure: I’m crazy vigilant about taking care of my skin because I’m plagued by both breakouts and fine lines, both of which tend to crop up if I slack on my routine for even a second (oh, the joys of being in my 30s).

On top of my own natural-born insanity, I’ve also written about the beauty world since the early ’00s—first at Elle and then later for this fine publication—so I’ve had access to all of the industry’s thought leaders, skin whisperers and best skincare brands in the world. The result of all that work is I tend to be really, really, really picky about what I recommend and what I stand behind and positively evangelistic when I find something new that I think is actually worth investing in.

And speaking of which, I recently became obsessed with something, and I think you should be obsessed with it too. The object of my affection? Nurse Jamie’s Instant Uplift Facial Firming Beauty Tool (£55), and it’s the very same tool she recommends celebrities use before awards. 

Speaking to Elle, Sherrill said that her “Code Purple” treatment is the most popular the day before a red carpet event, like the Oscars. The treatment combines radio frequency skin tightening with the Uplift beauty roller “to help infuse our Nurse Jamie Botanical EGF complex, giving celebs that firmer, glowing complexion that is red carpet–worthy.” 

Interested? Keep scrolling to read my review. 

The Benefits

The best thing about the Uplift though, is not how easy it is to use or how much of a visible difference it makes in your skin’s tautness and radiance (it does both), it’s the fact that it can be used for so many things. Right now, I’m using it primarily on my neck and jawline because I clench my teeth, and all that clenching has led me to build up my neck muscles in a way that’s more befitting of a ’70s-era Schwarzenegger than a sleek and soigné bride-to-be. It’s helping to relax and smooth those neck muscles, and carve out the defined jawline that I desire so deeply.

But it’s equally great at perking up sagging cheeks or jowls, lifting eyebrows and the forehead area and just generally bringing life back into jet-lagged, allergy-prone or simply not-so-perky skin. And are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yep, it’s really good at making your hungover face look fresh. Though I am rarely over-served, I did happen to have an overly dirty martini recently, which resulted in me waking up with puffy eyes and drab skin. I grabbed my Uplift and rolled out the area under my eyes, as well as my cheeks and the rest of my face, while reading the newspaper and making coffee. By the time I headed to the shower, I was delighted to see that my booze face was gone—or at least remarkably improved—unlike my headache. Glorious.

So very short story long, this is my point: If you want brighter, perkier and fresher-looking skin, I highly recommend getting an Uplift. You can roll your jawline, jowls, neck, chin, cheeks and cheekbones, forehead, brows and do even a little under-eye work, any and all of which will improve your skin. It’s legit genius, and I’m obsessed with it. Period.

Oh, and PS, Khloé Kardashian loves it too—she says it’s “literally my magic wand of beauty” for making her “jaw and neck look sharper and firmer instantly”—and she knows stuff about things. So if you don’t want to take my word for it, take hers. Either way, you’ll be #skingoals ASAP.