Now Trending: The Spring Lip Everyone Will Be Wearing

It used to be that a nude lip was something you put on—an actual lipstick colour like any other. Whether in a creamy, matte, or sheer formula, tones of tan, taupe, caramel, honey, and beige shades with pink undertones were the name of the game. But there's a new nude in town, and surprisingly, it involves using what your mama gave ya—and not much else. Indeed, the trend that we're seeing on red carpets everywhere is a stripped-down, subtler, more natural-looking version of the classic nude lip: the unique shade of your own lip colour enhanced by just a hint of balm for sheen. How pretty is that? (Not to mention low-cost, low-maintenance, and celeb-endorsed.) To see just what we mean in action, keep scrolling for six stunning examples.