How to Nail the No-Makeup Makeup Look Once and for All

We’ve already established that celebrities seem to possess a gene that allows them to be confident without an ounce of makeup on. But what about those of us who don’t wake up feeling like a newborn cherub? We too want to feel good even when the reality happens to be eye bags the size of small countries and skin that looks as hungover as we feel. One answer, in this case, is simple (and no, it's not Facetune): your makeup bag. That is, if you so choose.

A world without makeup would probably be less interesting, and it would definitely be less fun. Though we might be biased, we love the ability makeup has to transform a face but also the more low-key ability it has to make us appear chipper and wide-awake, even when we're anything but. No-makeup makeup isn't going away anytime soon (see: the catwalks for the past, oh, six seasons or so), but it can be trickier to pull off than you'd imagine.

To help guide us, we tapped celebrity makeup artist Erin Ayanian Monroe (she’s worked with everyone from the Fanning sisters to Lucy Liu) and asked her exactly how to add a few finishing touches to bleary eyes or tired skin. Below, find a step-by-step guide on mastering the no-makeup makeup look once and for all.