Real Talk: Why I'm Over "I Woke Up Like This" Makeup

You know when you repeat a word or phrase over and over again, and it starts to sound like a jumble of syllables that don’t mean anything? That’s how I felt with the phrase “dewy skin” while I was in New York for Fashion Week. Dewy skin. Doo-ee sken. Du-ee skyn. I probably heard it at least once at every show I covered backstage—and it’s no surprise, considering the fresh, glowy, no-makeup makeup look is evidently one of spring’s biggest trends. But here’s the thing—I’m so over it. I know, I know—how could I possibly be against this female-empowering mindset that Queen Bey herself spearheaded? (See: the Yoncé-inspired #Iwokeuplikethis hashtag, most likely still trending on Instagram.)

In fact, I’ve written many a story myself extolling the virtues of “no-makeup makeup” and how exactly to look like you rolled out of bed looking, well, perfect. But, as I watch the beauty world trend towards all things (faux) natural, I can’t help but feel a twinge of disappointment. Actually, dismay might be a better word. But before you start hurling your lipsticks (or should I say sheer balms?) at me, hear me out—keep scrolling to find out the real reasons why I’m over no-makeup makeup.