The Ayurvedic-Inspired Deep Cleansing Mousse That Disguises Pores

I'm prone to oil, and excess oil causes enlarged pores, but this mousse-like deep cleanser removes all traces of sebum from the skin, leaving it looking more refined and in turn softening the appearance of pores. Genius! Keep scrolling to find out how it works and where to get it… 




Dirt and oil have no chance when confronted with Niod's Sanskrit Saponins (£21)—or SS, for short. The ingredients in SS are simple but effective. It contains surfactants called saponins taken from the ancient Ayurvedic plants shikakai and sapindus mukorossi, with the addition of the amino acid lysine that is thought to aid collagen production and prevent blemishes. 

I used this in the evening and followed the instructions to remove makeup first, wet my skin, then work this peach-hued product (with its distinctly earthy smell) over my face. After I had rinsed with a flannel and warm water, my face felt squeaky clean, but not in a tight, uncomfortable way. It looked better too, my pores were less visible and my skin tone looked more even. 

Come morning, when I swiped my face with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water it was clean, usually I find residual traces of dirt and makeup, regardless of how thoroughly I cleansed the night before. My pores still looked less obvious, too. This is one seriously impressive cleanser.

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