The Nighttime Skin Routines of the World's Most Beautiful Women

We are completely and utterly obsessed with other people's nighttime routines. This is partly because we're still on the quest for ours. Not only is it increasingly difficult to switch off in this always-on world we live in, but when we do finally manage to fall asleep, we want to make sure those precious few hours are being used to their full potential. Which means we want to be using the right nighttime beauty products to maximise the benefits of our skin's renewal process. As a starting point, it makes sense to look to our favourite celebrities for the routines they swear by because if dousing our complexion in the same serum that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley uses makes us look half as good as her, we're in. Keep scrolling for seven of our favourite glowing celebrities and the nighttime beauty routines they follow.