This Is How to Smell Unique on a Budget

Niche perfume is, generally speaking, pretty darn pricey. You're essentially paying for a little bottle of olfactory art. Time, experience, flair and oftentimes precious ingredients are housed in reassuringly hefty bottles. You are also paying to smell differently. A niche fragrance will create an aura of intrigue about you, and no one will be able to guess what you're wearing.

Sadly, we don't all have a spare £100+ to drop on such luxuries. But what if you want to smell unique on a budget? Is it even possible? Well, in a word: yes, but you need to know where to look. Niche perfumes don't need to cost the earth. Wear any one of these more affordable and unusual perfumes, and you'll be destined for plenty of compliments. Whether you divulge your sensory secret or not is up to you. Keep scrolling for seven niche perfumes all under £50.