We Just Figured Out the Next Big Hair Trend

Celebrities, like, you know, normal human beings, have their own personal style. While they might follow trends like the rest of us, it's rare that we'll see three A-Listers all wearing the exact same thing. Unless, that is, it's a huge look that we clearly all need to know about. Case in point? Diane Kruger, Olivia Wilde, and Kate Mara all wearing the exact same haircut and colour to New York Fashion Week. 

The three actresses, at various events during NYFW, all showcased a short blonde hair crop with deep dark roots. Evidently, this is the new chic A-list haircut that we'll all be wearing shortly. We can just see it being a big look for the spring and summer thanks to its easy-to-style vibe. Not only that, the beauty about the dark roots will mean when you want to grow it out, it won't be a problem. Keep scrolling to see the look and shop our favourite blonde hair products...

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