How to Cast a Spell for the Best 2018 Ever, According to a Modern-Day Witch

We've all made our fair share of New Year's resolutions in the past. These well-intentioned promises to our future selves often start off well but tend to peter out come mid-February (when we realise can't commit to being a vegan, yoga-addict that runs five miles a day).

But we still really like the idea of setting our intentions for the New Year and urging our brains into a new mindset that will see us through 2018 feeling a little more balanced. Journaling would be good for that, but we've also been toying with the idea of a New Year's resolution spell. And before you roll your eyes, hear us out.

Okay, we know it all sounds a little strange, but if 2017 was the year that the mainstream really embraced the healing power of crystals, then we're sure as hell ready to upgrade to the next step of our spiritual journey. And word on the street is that come 2018, we're all going to be casting spells left, right and centre.

I mean, take it from Semra, founder of Mama Moon candles and a self-confessed modern-day witch. Like many of her contemporaries, she practices all manner of spiritual rituals on her pursuit of a more balanced, healed and happy life. And according to her, partaking in a little spell—which, in reality, is little more than mixing up a few herbs while setting down your intentions, there's no cauldrons here—can really help bring in all the positivity we're hoping to receive from the universe. Think of it as a souped-up meditation session and it'll make so much more sense straight away.

Well, it's worth a shot, right? We asked Semra to share with us a ritual that we can all do from the comfort of our own homes to bring good fortune and happiness into our lives for 2018—a New Year's resolution spell if you will. Keep scrolling as she talks us through the stages of the ritual.