If You Can't Have Fun With Your Makeup Look for NYE, When Can You?

New Year's Eve is already pretty stressful: First, you have to work out the location. You need a venue that won't only satisfy your entire friendship group but somewhere that also won't cost the earth and turn out to be a total disappointment. You've also got the added pressure of choosing an outfit: NYE is officially the dressiest night of the year, where even the most casual of us peel off the boyfriend-fit jeans in favour for something a little fancier. Our pals over at Who What Wear have some pretty sound advice on that point.

But where you can finally have some fun and let your hair down (proverbially speaking, as a topknot is still fair game) is in your makeup look. NYE is the night where you can paste your face in glitter, swipe your eyelids in blue eye shadow or wear the punchiest orange lipstick in your collection without anyone so much as batting an eyelid. It's time to go big. Go major. And start 2018 looking next-level. Click through below to find seven New Year's Eve makeup looks that make getting out of your comfort zone well worth it.