3 Standout New Mascaras That Will Give Your Lashes Life



Mascaras are like buses, there are none for ages and then three arrive all at once. Of course, plenty of the best mascaras are already out there, but I like to switch it up and try something new every now and again. Recently, not one but three new mascaras have landed on my desk, and it’s made mornings tricky because they are all so good I umm and aah over which one to use. Each gives me such luscious, separated, standout lashes that I can’t choose a favourite. It’s not the worst problem to have, let’s be honest.

In the market for a mascara, and want to try something new? You could do a lot worse than bagging one of these, so keep scrolling for the three new mascaras that have won me—and my lashes—over.