10 Rising Brit Beauty Stars for When You Need Fresh Inspo

Welcome to Byrdie UK's Brit Month, a monthlong celebration of all things eccentrically and wonderfully British. From the little-known, home-grown beauty brands we're championing to the beauty trends that we Brits will be all over in 2017, this is the place to dive into all things quintessentially and brilliantly British.

There is something about British beauty icons that is incredibly exciting and innovative. Britain is a multicultural nation, and the women here are afforded the ability to express themselves however they want (and thankfully they do). It's one of the reasons we produce such incredible street style stars and celebrities who aren't afraid to push the style boundaries. We have some true global beauty icons to be proud of—Kate Moss, Twiggy and Naomi Campbell, to name a few—but who will join them in the future? Who are the new British beauty icons you should know and take inspiration from? We've rounded up 10 fresh faces that are set to become household names. Each is included because they aren't just a pretty face; they are strong independent women standing out from the crowd. Remember their names.

Keep scrolling for some serious beauty inspiration from the class of 2017.