The Language Around Body Image Is So Important—so We're Banning These Words



Words are important. Super important. Yes, we live in the age of the selfie. And yes, we may neglect a huge chunk of our lexicon in favour of an emoji. But if you ask us, this visual shift simply means that words carry more weight than ever before.

Thankfully, as our society—and, more specifically, the beauty industry—moves toward a more inclusive, diverse rhetoric, we're slowly seeing words and terms that were once acceptable fade out of our vocabulary. However, it would seem that when it comes to body image, the collective consciousness is still clinging on to some pretty circumspect phrases.

How is it that, in 2018, a newspaper can tout the term "muffin top" without anyone batting an eyelid? What does it even mean to be "beach body–ready," anyway? And how has an adjective like the word "curvy" become loaded with such passive-aggressive connotations? When it comes to bodies, so many corners of the internet are still dishing out some of the most archaic and offensive language out there. And it's not just sabotaging all our efforts to move toward a more body-positive culture—it's also just plain ridiculous.

Quite frankly, we've had enough of this lexical body shaming, and we plan to put a stop to it. We gathered a handful of influencers, readers and colleagues (all of whom empower us every single day) to help us create a list of negative body image–related words that should be banned immediately. Brydie UK promises to not only ban these words but to also encourage the rest of the industry to write them off. And we reckon that if you put a personal ban on them yourselves, you'll start to have a much more positive relationship with your body image, too.