These Natural Sleep Remedies Will Send You to Dreamland in No Time

If you've ever found yourself lying in bed not able to sleep, you'll know it's a pretty frustrating experience. The longer you lie awake, the more anxious you get that you won't ever fall asleep, and as your brain starts to whirr faster and faster, that elusive state of slumber moves further and further away. You start counting sheep but soon end up counting how few hours are left before you've got to get up again anyway.

Of course, when things get really bad, it's important you seek help from your general practitioner, but it could be worth trying some natural remedies first. We know, we know—we were just as sceptical as you probably are, but having put these to the test, we can attest to the fact that they actually do work.

From the perfect sleep-inducing bath to a tea that will have you snoozing in no time, keep scrolling for four natural sleep aids that will send you drifting off into a deep slumber in no time at all.

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Opening Image: Urban Outfitters