Ready to Switch Out Your Painkillers? Try These Natural Pain Relievers



We've all been there, hunched over in pain and desperately looking for the packet of paracetamol that permanently resides in the bottom of our bags. One quick swig with a glass of water and we can rest assured that the tablets will work their magic and we'll be feeling better within the hour.

Our dependency on over-the-counter painkillers for those annoyingly common aches and pains is pretty understandable. They're quick and easy to use, and we tend to ignore the side effects outlined on the box, as many of us never really feel them. But in recent years, research continues to suggest that prolonged use of painkillers like paracetamol and anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen might have side effects that are more serious than we previously thought.

With this in mind, and as more of us look to alternative and holistic health to give us a helping hand, it's worth taking a look at some natural ways to relieve pain. We've given you a bit of a head-start to get you going.