9 Natural Hair Dyes That Are Kind to Your Hair and Look Amazing

Natural hair dye formulations are becoming more and more sophisticated. Whether you want to discreetly hide your mousey roots or experiment with this year's hottest colour trends, switching your hair up a shade is one of the quickest ways to transform your look. But did you know that many permanent hair colours contain ingredients that not only cause long-term damage to hair but can cause scary allergic reactions too?

One key ingredient to look out for is paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which can cause anything from a mild skin irritation to anaphylactic shock to even a deadly reaction in extreme, but thankfully rare, cases. "Every time you colour your hair, your immune system registers a foreign particle on the scalp," says Rob Forgione, the national colour educator for hair care brand O&M. "Most of the time there's no problem, but there can be a time when somebody has a PPD colour on their hair and they have a reaction. It could happen after 40 years, or on the first colour, and it can be quite intense."

Checking the ingredients list on your favourite hair dye for PPD is a good place to start, but it isn't the only thing you need to worry about. Ammonia is an ingredient to avoid, as it strips the hair of protein and can be really damaging, and resorcinol is another nasty that can affect thyroid function.

Sounds scary, but there can be less extreme reasons for wanting to switch to a more natural solution too. Maybe you're doing Veganuary and want to make sure your bathroom is as free from animal products as your fridge. Maybe you're pregnant, or are just conscious of the effect on the environment of all those chemicals. 

The natural colour of your hair will determine what you'll be able to do with it using natural products. Lots of natural dyes are henna-based, which can add warmth to darker hair and really brighten things up. But if you're looking to go lighter, things get tricky as a bleach is usually needed to strip back the natural colour. And if you're fair to start with, you'll find plenty of shades from strawberry blonde to more experimental pastels will work better. 

Whatever your motivation and natural colour, the good news is that more natural hair dyes now look better than ever. 

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