Real Women Share Their Curly-Hair Love Stories (and Holy-Grail Products)

I've spent my entire life as a curly-headed woman, and I've become familiar with the oft discouraging jargon associated with the texture. Words like banish, tame, and fight were written on every product I picked up at the pharmacy, desperate to figure out how to handle my hair. For years, I straightened it, gelled it, pulled it back—the works. I went through every possible phase of denying my natural texture. Now, as a beauty writer with several curly-hair success stories under my belt and a newfound respect for my hair, I have an outlet to try and change the conversation.

I reached out to nine real women whom I've admired both up close and from afar (meaning I've stalked them on Instagram, naturally). They each have their own personal relationships with their curls and hero haircare products, and they laid it all out below. The one thing they all have in common, though, is that special empowering feeling that comes with learning to love your natural texture. Keep scrolling to find your new curly-haired heroes.

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