8 Little-Known British Skincare Brands We Discovered on Etsy

There is something incredibly satisfying when you "discover" a niche beauty brand that few people know about. For anyone tempted to take their skincare routine down a more natural route, a good place to look for unusual beauty finds is none other than Etsy. Yes, it may be better known for craft, but it's actually a treasure trove of small-batch natural beauty products. 

I was having a look on one of my friend's Instagram accounts, she's a great Etsy fan, and I discovered Isla Apothecary, skincare products hand-blended apothecary-style by a woman in London called Kate. It was this discovery that spurred me on to call those in the know—the team at Etsy HQ. They recommended a list of British-based natural beauty brands available on the site, and from there we whittled it down to the most covetable. Keep scrolling for our edit of the eight brands we can't wait to Instagram use in our bathroom.