There's a Napercise Class Coming for Busy Women Everywhere



We all know that beauty sleep is important, which is why the latest class to launch at David Lloyd, Napercise, sounds right up our street. If you don't get enough sleep, you'll struggle with a low mood, crave junk food, be irritable, your skin will suffer, your immunity will lower… We could go on. But lots of us struggle to fit in a whole eight hours, whether we're burning the candle at both ends or just can't stop scrolling Instagram.

Well, good news: Help is at hand! If you're not getting enough kip at night, or just generally love to snooze, you'll be all about Napercise. The hourlong class begins and ends with gentle stretching to help reduce tension levels, and then it's into bed. Literally. David Lloyd provides beds, duvets and eye masks, and guarantees 45 minutes of uninterrupted sleep. And while the emphasis of the class is on rest, the room will be "optimally heated" to help you burn calories.

Want to try napping at home? There is an ideal time to catch some extra z's. According to Guy Meadows, sleep expert for Bensons for Beds and founder of the Sleep School, it's between midday and 3 p.m. "This is when the waking signal of the body clock naturally dips," he shares.

And naps should not be used to replace sleep. "Ideally they should be used as a performance-enhancing supplement to a good night's sleep. However, if you've had to work late a few nights in a row, then they can be a helpful way of reducing any accumulated sleep debt," he adds.

We know what you're thinking: Taking a leisurely nap might not sound like the best use of time, but try to think about it holistically. Getting enough sleep is linked to lower anxiety levels, lither-feeling limbs and, in the long run, healthy, progressive weight loss. Also, no one's good when they're tired.

At the moment, the class is being tested in one David Lloyd location, but if it's popular, it'll be rolled out to the company's gyms nationwide.

For pro napping tips, look no further than actress Lucy Hale, who shares her napping essentials in the video below.

Besides Hale's nap list, we love to fall asleep having spritzed our hair with This Works Sleep Plus Hair Elixir (£25).

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