This Is How Nail Polishes Get Their Names

Raise your hand if you've you ever stood in front of the rows and rows of polish bottles at the nail salon for way longer than you probably should with no idea of what colour to get. Good, put them down. Now raise your hand if you've lifted the bottle, saw that it had a funny name, and decided to go with it just for its silly moniker. Yeah? Same here. (Oh, you can put your hand down now.)

Whether punny (Turquoise & Caicos by Essie) or just a bit odd (So Many Clowns… So Little Time by OPI), nail polish names are always a hoot. Gone are the days of numbers or basic titles like "red" or "blue"—polish names are a huge part of a brand and what makes a colour so successful. While we envisioned a boardroom of people randomly flipping through pages of a book and pointing to words to find a name for polishes, there's actually a whole process to it, so we went right to the brands to find out just how they do it. Keep scrolling to learn more!

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Opening image: Ommorphia Beauty Bar