10 Genius Polish Hacks To Step Up Your Nail Game

Our relationship with our nail polish is like that of a close friend—we expect it to always be there for us in a our time of need, and rely on it to brighten our spirits (and our nail beds) at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, this close friend isn’t the most easy-going—no, it tends to butt heads with our inherent impatience and, more often than not, leave us with scuffs, smudges, and smears. A tumultuous relationship, to say the least.

But the time has come to mend fences and bid adieu to smudged nails for good. We enlisted the help of celeb manicurist Kait Mosh (she’s painted the digits of everyone from J.Lo to Taylor Schilling) to show us the ropes.

Keep flipping for ten genius nail polish hacks to help you step up your nail game in a major way!