Seriously: These "Energy-Infused" Stickers Helped With My Anxiety



Between starting a new job, signing a lease and general self-care, I’ve been a bit stressed as of late. Since feeling defeated is not in my character, I booked an appointment with my nutritionist Elissa Goodman for some quick and effective stress relieving tips. To which she recommended I try Body Vibes—energy infused stickers that claim to help manage stress, anxiety, mood and a whole host of other ailments via high-frequency technology.

Wildly curious, and a tad bit cautious, I asked Goodman to explain just how Body Vibes work. “We are all built on frequencies. The frequency of someone who is healthy measures higher than someone who is not. I believe in raising your vibration to support healing, and Body Vibes does just that,” Goodman said. To further qualm my fears Goodman told me that Body Vibes have been a blessing for her high-strung and stressed out clients, and she’s only received positive feedback regarding the smart stickers. In other words, I had to give Body Vibes a try.

Before decorating my arms in cute stickers designed with hamsa signs, unicorns and mermaids, I decided to go straight to the source, Leslie Kritzer, a self-proclaimed “energy addict” and the co-founder of Body Vibes, to get the skinny on what I was about to stick on my body.