7 Products We're Buying From This Men's Site Because Why Not?

Mr Porter, brother site to Net-a-Porter, is a treasure trove when it comes to beauty products. In the grooming section, you'll find a ton of unisex and male products we guarantee you'll covet. Some products from brands like Sisley and Dr. Sebagh you'll recognise all too well, but then there are other niche brands that you probably don't know but should familiarise yourself with, quick sharp.

What's great about grooming products is that, on the whole, the packaging is minimal, which means if interiors are your thing, these products will enhance the look of your home rather than detract from it. And let's face it, men tend to opt for no-nonsense, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin products that work, and we can totally get on board with that.

From the scent I've had female colleagues fight over to the men's razor you should own (because they're just better), keep scrolling for the seven grooming buys you should snap up now or buy to borrow from the men in your life (S.O. or otherwise).