10 Classic Movies That Shaped My Definition of Beauty

When some people look for inspiration, they flip open a magazine, click through Pinterest, or take to the streets for some old-fashioned people-watching. While I’ll never turn down any of these worthwhile pastimes, when I’m looking for the ultimate stimulation, I turn on a film.

Therein lies magic.

When done right, every detail of the film’s aesthetic has been considered. From the ingénue’s lip colour to the height of her ponytail and shape of her eyebrows, the smallest details help masterfully execute the film’s vision. While this can also be said about fashion spreads or even blogger outfits, the real wonder for me is seeing this beauty in motion. So, after twenty-something years of painstaking research, I carefully curated a list of ten films that forever shaped my perception of beauty.

Read on to see what tops my list.