This Hair Parting Will Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Is there one magical hair parting that is universally slimming? Is a centre parting more flattering than a side one? These are the Holy Grail Qs beauty editors chase as a result of our constant style stalking of stars who have perpetually perfect hair. We spoke to Mathew Alexander, celebrity hairstylist extraordinaire, to get the skinny on face shapes, lengths and styling trickery to achieve a sleek look that suits every visage.“To figure out if a centre or a side parting will slim down your face more, you need to consider three factors: the position of your crown, your natural hair line and your face shape,” explains Alexander. 

Begin by figuring out where your natural parting is: does it naturally fall in the centre or the left side or the right side? Your perfect parting is dictated by the position of your crown. The crown is where the pattern of hair growth is determined.

“If you’re struggling to visualise this, consider the swirl that a newborn baby’s hair grows from, that’s the crown. Typically, it’s located at the top back of your head, sometimes lower and some people have a double crown. Your crown will be either slightly to the centre or side. If your crown is more to the left, your hair will part better from the left, off-centre. 

A central parting best suits people with a hair length that falls complementary to the jawline, is drawn from the crown and parallels the natural parting,” Alexander says.

“From this natural parting, the perfect length and shape of your cut can be determined to complement your bone structure and flatter the jaw line.”

The parting, therefore, doesn’t dictate the slimming factor in isolation. Alexander adds, “If you have a square face (you’re as wide across the cheeks as you are in length) then the hair around your face should be no shorter than the jaw but preferably chin length. If you have a long face like Sarah Jessica Parker, it’s best to cut the length at the front a little bit shorter. Preferably a longer fringe, or something that falls between the eyes and cheek bones. The styled parting then follows the crown and natural parting.”

OK, so it’s not straight forward, but once you’ve decoded it, you’re set to flip your hair the right way every day. To help you mastermind the chic way to swish your hair right now, we’ve rounded up celebrities with the perfect parting.

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