The ONE Haircut That Looks Good on Everyone

When it comes to beauty, there’s nothing we love more than a universally flattering product. Nars Orgasm ($30), MAC Ruby Woo ($17), any one of these lipstick shades… We equip ourselves with these foolproof picks, knowing they’ll pull through for us each time with their magical ability to flatter all skin tones. Haircuts, on the other hand, are a completely different story. There’s a reason we obsess and Pinterest-scroll for days before an appointment with our hairstylist, and have slowly realised (through trial and error… lots of error) that just because Emma Watson can pull off a boy cut doesn’t mean that we necessarily can too (#RIP2009pixie). But we couldn’t help but wonder—is there a one-size-fits-all cut? Is there a wondrous style that we can count on flattering round and thin faces, curly and stick-straight strands alike? For our answer, we went straight to an industry pro: veteran hairstylist Leanne Citrone, who also happens to be the co-owner of celeb-favourite Andy Lecompte Salon in Los Angeles. Citrone surprised us by claiming that yes, such a mystical haircut exists—and let’s just say it was definitely not what we were expecting. Curious? Keep scrolling to find out what it is!