This Scary-Accurate Test Can Tell You the Best Workout for Your Personality



Most fitness experts will agree that if you're hoping to motivate yourself to work out, job number one is finding something you actually enjoy. And since we all have different personalities, that might mean tuning out some of the buzziest fitness trends in favour of something you think you'll honestly stick with. (It's really okay if HIIT is not your thing.)

But while trial and error is generally a valid approach, what if there were a shortcut to finding out which kind of workout suits your temperament best? Believe it or not, scientists have been studying the intersection of fitness and personality for decades—and experts often refer to a 2004 study as the ultimate roadmap to finding your ideal plan.

According to the study, in order to identify your "fitness personality," you need to consider seven key elements and how they pertain to you personally—things like sociability, competitiveness, and focus. For example, do you thrive in a group setting, or consider working out your "me" time? Do you love the feeling of breaking a sweat, or are you more motivated by the prospect of toned abs after a few weeks of hard work?

The researchers on the study believe that once you identify where you fall under each key element, you can better hone in on a fitness plan that suits your personality—especially if you're new to working out. "Individuals who do not exercise regularly are likely to experience additional challenges or obstacles when they engage in activities that require them to behave differently from their customary patterns or styles," the authors of the study explain. In other words, we're creatures of habit—and we're that much more likely to stick with something that fits in with our existing routine and personality traits.

So which workouts suit you best? Read up on the seven traits below and answer our questions to find your personalised fitness plan.