The Most Effective Ab Exercises, According to Science


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Crunchthe satisfying sound of biting into a potato chip… and the workout move to ensure said chip doesn’t go straight into your waistline. The end goal of a crunch is simple: six-pack abs (or at the very least, something that less resembles a muffin top). But what if we told you there are exercises out there that are more effective than a crunch? Sure, you can read first-person testimonials and scroll through Kayla Itsines’s feed for endless #fitspo, but there’s another oft-overlooked source: science. Yes, there is actual scientific evidence on the better way to sculpt your stomach, and yes, you should definitely pay attention. Because if we’re going to grunt and perspire in the name of a sculpted tummy à la Lily Aldridge, then we sure as hell want to make sure the pain and sweat is worth it. Bye, crunches.

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