The Morning Routines of the World's Most Beautiful Women


Startraks Photo/REX/Shutterstock

Morning routines are key. The choices you make first thing—from your breakfast to whether or not you go to the gym—set the tone for your day. In fact, science says our self-control actually depletes as the day wears on, so the first hour is when your willpower is at its peak. This means you need to pack your mornings with habits that are easily broken, e.g., eating healthy, working out, making to-do lists. Essentially you need to tick the boxes on those things you find yourself making guilt-ridden excuses to get out of come the afternoon.

Scientists know this, and fabulous models do too. They know that clocking up those wellness "chores" in the morning is key to kick-starting your day in the most positive way. We did some research on our favourite supers to find out what goes into the first hour of their days, from checking emails (just like us!) to filling up on alkaline smoothies (not so much), keep reading for the secrets to living the most productive mornings.