How I Finally Nailed Mindfulness, Thanks to the Moon

I’ve spent the last few days straining my neck, trying to get a glimpse of the moon from my bedroom window. I had to ask Google for its exact coordinates, but then I realised I didn’t actually know how to use my iPhone’s compass app to find it (modern mystic problems).

My obsession with the moon is just one of the side effects I’ve had after coming out of the spiritual closet last year. All this mystical stuff is like opening one new tab online—before you know it, your entire browser is full. Blending therapeutic essential oils led me to tarot, reiki, chakra clearing, crystal healing and casting spells. I mean, I just bought a pendulum instead of the Maria Tash earrings I wanted. And now it’s the moon I’m getting myself acquainted with.

And I’m not alone: There’s now an ever-increasing number of people who are connecting with the moon as part of their spiritual practice. Working with the phases of the moon and moon rituals are a great way to delve deeper into astrology, emotions and intuition, and for some people, it’s even a useful tool for syncing and better understanding their menstrual cycle.

It might be gaining in popularity, but using the moon to guide your spirituality can sometimes be a lonely path, especially if the people around you in the physical world are the human embodiment of the eye-rolling emoji. That’s why Ruby Warrington, founder of online spiritual platform The Numinous and author of spiritual self-help guide Material Girl, Mystical World launched Moon Club with her co-founder, Alexandra Roxo, after recognising this need for having a buddy.

“By creating a space online for this exploration, we wanted to make moon magic, astrology and ritual easily accessible for people who may have been feeling isolated on their journey, and the constant feedback we get is that Moon Club has helped them feel supported on their path, more confident in themselves and has connected them to a community they feel safe to express their mystical side with,” Warrington tells me.

If you’ve spent numerous hours on NASA’s educational moon page (okay, maybe just me) or you’ve wanted to start working with the moon in your mindfulness or self-care routine, here are four ways to get started.