All the Tips You Need for Doing Eye Makeup on Monolids

Nailing a sharp feline flick, cut crease or any other tricky eye makeup look takes time, perseverance and makeup remover by the litre. And monolids (the type of eyelids that do not have a visible crease or hood) can up the tricky factor. Battling through hours of beauty tutorials telling you to blend three shades into a crease you might not have can be pretty frustrating. But the last thing you want to do is throw out your eye shadow palettes and resign yourself to a future without eye makeup.

No one needs that kind of negativity in their life, so if you struggle with trying to find looks that work for your eye shape, listen up to the tips ahead. Monolid eyes open you up to an entire world of makeup experimentation, so don't bother with trying to manipulate them into looks that don't work—start embracing new ways to make them stand out. We've spoken to some industry experts who've shared their top tips.